Precision and accuracy 

high accuracy and precision, tolerances within the 0.001 to 0.005 range

Scalability and repeatability

High-quality parts from 1 to 10,000 parts without compromising on cost and quality.


Lack of massive tooling investment and cost-efficiency of CNC machining in producing your end-parts.

Material diversity and options

Choose from over 30 engineering grade plastic and metal for the best functionality, accuracy and finish.

Quick and fast turnaround

Deliver high-precision quick turning and milling parts in as little as 24 hours.

Custom surface finishes

An array of specialized finishes, customized touches to optimize your product needs, finished to bespoke specifications


What is CNC Machining


The term CNC widely refers to the “computer numerical control” technology that is used in the subtractive manufacturing process. CNC machining is a manufacturing technology involving the use of computer-aided controls and machine tools to remove layers/portions of a stock material/workpiece till a desired custom and final part is made from the workpiece. 




At First Part, our CNC machining process is widely applied in new product development, rapid tooling, product prototyping and end-product manufacturing. It is suitable for use with an diverse range of materials (ceramic, plastic, wood, metal, composite, foam and glass), and can be used across a wide array of industries.



Our experience over the years has put us in prime position for CNC operations, allowing us to leverage this automated machining capabilities to deliver even the most complex parts with excellence, speed and high precision.  Click here & request your custom quote!


Advantage Of CNC Machining 


At First Part, our unique CNC precision machining capabilities allows you to take advantage of speed, precision, size, cost and even volume. With over 25 engineering-grade materials to choose from, we deliver CNC machining services that allows you to machine parts in your desired material without compromising on cost, functionality and speed. With CNC machining you can meet a wide range of your product development needs. Here are the major benefits of precision CNC machining:






Precision CNC Machining Services | First Part

Speed, Precision and Diversity


First Part CNC machining service is a quick and cost-effective approach to manufacture high-grade prototypes, tooling and high-precision end use parts in an array of engineering-grade materials.


Precision CNC Machining Service

Machined prototypes and production parts within 4-15 day. Request an online quote today.