CNC Materials - Plastics            Color            Material Cost            Sizes Available            Features            Application            
ABS            Milky White(Natural), Black, Clear            $5            1-150mm            Excellent impact resistance Good machinability Excellent aesthetic qualities Easy to paint and glue Good strength and stiffness Low cost            
Machined prototypes Structural components Support blocks Housings Covers            
ABS-Flame Retardant - Black (ABS-FR)            Milky White(Natural), Black            $8            1-90mm            
PC+ABS            Black            $8            10-100mm            

PC (Polycarbonate)            Clear, Black            $8            2-150mm            Excellent impact resistance Optical transparency, Excellent creep resistance Wide temperature limits, High dimensional stability Good electrical characteristics self-extinguishing behavior Good heat resistance            Housings, Lighting Applications Medical/Healthcare Applications; Lenses, CD's, safety helmets, signs, aircraft parts and machine guards.            
PC 20% GF (Polycarbonate 20% GF)            Black            $11            15-100mm            
Acrylic(PMMA)            Clear, Black            $15-$20            2-150mm            About 92% transparency, Low UV sensitivity Weather resistance.            Automotive Applications; Lighting /Optical Applications; Medical/Healthcare Applications; Coating Applications; Applications;Displays and more            
POM Copolymer (Acetal Copolymer)            White, Black (Blue Yellow, Green, Red, Gray)            $5            :6-130mm            Excellent balance of properties that bridge the gap between metals and plastics. Good fatigue life, low moisture sensitivity, high resistance to solvents and chemicals, good electrical propertie            Gears,Bearings, Fasteners Automotive Applications, Engineering Parts, Housings. Electrical/Electronic Applications Industrial Applications, and more            
POM Homopolymer (Acetal Homopolyme)            White, Black            $8            10-60*mm            
POM 20% Glass Filled            Black            $8            10-50mm            
POM Static Dissipative            White, Black            
Nylon PA6            Milky White Black(Blue)            $9            6-100mm            Very well wear-resisting, good mechanical properties even at elevated temperatures good chemical resistance but High moisture absorptivity which causes dimensional instability            Automotive Applications Electrical/Electronic Applications Industrial Applications; Connectors; Engineering Parts; Housings;Consumer Applications;Sporting Goods, such as turbines, gears, bearings,screws…            
Nylon PA 66            Milky White Black(Blue)            $9            6-100mm            
Nylon PA66+30%GF            Black            $14            6-100mm            
HDPE - Natural (White) (High Density Polyethylene)            White, Black (Blue Yellow, Green, Red, Gray)            $8            8-100mm            Low temperature resistance, but less high temperature resistance (-100~-70°C) Good chemical resistance, but less weather resistance Low moisture absorptivity Good electrical insulation            Film, Packaging,Bags,Industrial Applications ,Containers,Wire & Cable Applications,Piping,Laminates and more            
LDPE - Natural (Low Density Polyethylene)            White Black            $8            
UHMW PE - Natural (UHMW)            White Black            -            6-100mm            
PP Homopolymer            White, Black            -            8-100mm            Good Impact Resistance Good Heat resistance(110-120℃) but less low Low temperature resistance. Good chemical resistance,but less weather resistance Good electrical insulation Low moisture absorptivity Difficult to bond and paint            Automotive Applications, Household Goods, Containers,Packaging,Appliances, Electrical/Electronic Applications,Film, Industrial Applications,General Purpose and more            
PP Copolymer            White, Black            -            8-100mm            
PP 30% Glass Filled            Black            $10            8-100mm            
PEEK            Natural(Light Gray)Black            $150-$190            6-50mm            Excellent Heat resistance(260℃) E xcellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties Excellent wear-resisting            Bearings,Piston parts,Pumps, electrical cable insulation, aerospace, automotive, and chemical process industries, in applications where continuous high temperatures            
PEI - (Ultem 1000)            Natural(Amber)Black            70-$120            6-50mm            High Heat Resistance(220℃), flame retardant UL94-V-0 Electrically Conductive Good weather resistance            Medical/Healthcare Applications, Automotive Applications, Electrical/Electronic Applications, Pharmaceuticals,Aircraft Applications, Industrial Applications and more            
PEI 30% GF            Black            70-$120            6-50mm            
PTFE            White Black            $25            3-60mm            Lowest coefficients of friction of any solid Excellent high and low temperature resistance(-196℃-250℃) Excellent chemical resistance to majority of solvents Good weather resistance Not able to bond            Aerospace and computer applications,Industrial Applications,Electrical/Electronic Applications,Hose assemblies and more            
PVC ( RPVC)            Gray, White, Clear            $5            8-50mm            strong difficult to burn excellent resistance to strong acids and bases one of the least expensive plastics. Sensitive to UV and oxidative degradation Limited thermal capability Higher density than many plastics            Wire & Cable Applications,Electrical/Electronic Applications,Medical/Healthcare Applications,Construction Applications,Automotive Applications,Tubing and more            
PBT            Black White            $8            6-50mm            Heat-resistant up to 150 °C (or 200 °C with glass-fibre reinforcemen Low shrinkage Good chemical resistance Good electrical insulation Good weather resistance            Electrical/Electronic Applications, Automotive construction            
PPSU            Black            $70            6-50mm            Rigid, high-strength and transparent Good Thermal Stability Good Dimensional Stability Poor weatherability            Medical/Healthcare Applications,Electrical/Electronic Applications,Food Service Applications,Aerospace Applications,Electrical Parts , Appliance Component,Adhesives and more            

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