MaterailGradetensile strength/σbYield Strength/σshardness/HB
Only reference value
(Plate thickness16-40)
Different shape values are inconsistent
Aluminum2024-T3/T4470-485325-345120~1452.8210-12high strength
 high fatigue resistance
aircraft, especially wing and fuselage structures under tension.
penetrant tests outside of normal temperature ranges
6061-T6310275952.736-10good weldability
commonly extruded
suitable for hot forging
yacht construction        
tactical flashlights       
bicycle frames and components     
remote controlled model aircraft
automotive parts
  cans for the packaging of food and beverages
 helicopter rotor components
6082-T6245140952.7310higher strength
 lower ductility
mechanical parts
forge piece
automobile&railway structural component
7075-T65705051502.8211good fatigue strength
low resistance
good corrosion resistance
high strength-to-density ratio
transport applications,like marine, automotive and aviation
bicycle components
hang glider airframes
mold tool manufacturing
rock climbing equipment
MIC-6166105952.8211good corrosion resistant
good formability
high intensity
aircraft parts  electronic components
camera lens
valve component
Low carbon steel1010
Carbon structural steel
3251801377.8531good plasticity
good toughness
low strength
transmission shaft
machine tool
instrument shell
1018(Low carbon permeable steel)4532451977.8514-22.5
1020(Low carbon permeable steel)5002751317.8525
A3Carbon structural steel
5002351507.8526.5good combination propertyfactory building
transmission tower
A8 High toughness die steel
24019545-657.8532High toughness
high plasticity
low strength
stamping die
woodworking tool
punching die
A36 American Standard Carbon Structural Board
4002501607.8520common welding material
cheap and easy on welding
 riveting  bolt & screw application in most structure,like bridge, factory
8620 Nickel chromium molybdenum steel11767851977.99high hardness
high  abrasive resistance
high fatigue strength
anti-abrasive material
automobile bearing
Medium Carbon Steel1045(Medium carbon high quality steel)6255302297.8516Good strength
low hardenability
high strength wheel gear,pistonpin&axle
4130 Structural steel560-7314602297.8512high  strength
good hardenability
good toughness
structural tubing
 bicycle frames,
tubes for transportation of pressurized gases,
firearm parts,
clutch and flywheel components, 
roll cages
aircraft parts
4140 Alloy structural steel10809302177.8512high  strength
high hardenability
good toughness
4340 Alloy structural steel7454702697.8512excellent strength
high fatigue strength
hign  toughness
bearing of the heavy-duty machinery
high load parts
Helicopter rotor shaft
 turbine shaft
High Carbon SteelS7 Tool steel

good toughness
shock resistance
high impact resistance
Shear blades,
swaging and gripper dies,
punches, plastic injection molds
SKD11 Die steel

high temperature strength
high temperature resistance
High hardness
high wear resistant
good toughness
good hardenability
high abrasive resistance
high strength tools: hobbing tools, woodworking tools, pressing tools
milling cutters, reamers, broaches ,chasers and dies, rolling cutters
ceramics and pharmaceutical industries,  measuring tools,and shaping wheels, pilger mandrels, flanging, straightening and beag rolls, trimming and splitting dies, tools for cold manufacture of screws, nuts and rivets, plastic moulds.
A2 Tool steel6896552487.8510high abrasion resistance
excellent hardness
high toughness
blanking and forming punches,
 trimming dies,
thread rolling dies, 
injection molding dies
A10 Tool steel

12high abrasion resistance
excellent hardness
excellent toughness

D2 Tool steel3702102557.8513high impact resistance
high abrasive resistance
abrasive resistance stamping die
cold shearing blade
screw plate
8620 steel11767852617.859

Stainless Steel201 stainless steel7502301837.64-7.9355-60good acid/alkali-resisting
high density
 shell of watch
industrial pipeline
SS304 Austenitic stainless steel
18/8 stainless steel
5172062017.9340good combination property
high corrosion resistance
good  heat resistance
high acid/alkali-resisting
industrial applications such as screws,machinery parts, car headers, and food-handling equipment.
architectural field for exterior accents such as water and fire features.  rebuildable vaporizers.
medical and food domain
SS303 Austenitic stainless steel51520590-1007.9340high corrosion resistance
high acid/alkali-resisting
SS316 Austenitic stainless steel5801721877.9840high corrosion resistance
high temperature resistance
excellent acid/alkali-resisting
high-temperature environments where scaling and corrosion resistance
high temperature strength and good creep resistance environments
SS316L(L=Low carbon)4851701807.9840
15-5PH Martensitic stainless steel5502001877.9340good combination property
high corrosion resistance
good  heat resistance
high acid/alkali-resisting
mechanical parts and Marine industry, aerospace, aircraft parts.
high pressure corrosive environment: valves, shafts, fasteners, connectors, gears
17-4 PH Martensitic stainless steel9307253637.810high strength
high corrosion resistance
excellent machinability
offshore platform
food industry
paper-making industry
truvine blade
Nuclear waste barrels
17-7 PH Martensitic stainless steel1030380
high strength
excellent corrosion resistance
good toughness
food processing
paper and general metal working industries.
440CHigh carbon martensitic stainless steel5602502697.75
excellent corrosion resistance
high temperature resistance
high hardness
high strength bearing
Hi-Q tool, like medical scalpel, scissor,  nozzle ect.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
420Martensitic stainless steel6354402017.75
excellent corrosion resistance
high temperature resistance
high hardness
precision machinery
electrical equipment
household appliances
commercial pure titanium
4.5150-60low density
hign strength
 resistant to corrosion in sea water, aqua regia, and chlorine.
emerging markets
 pyrotechnics as a source of bright-burning particles.
TC410508271954.525high tensile strength and toughness
light in weight
extraordinary corrosion resistance
the ability to withstand extreme temperatures
the manufacturing of metal orthopedic joint replacements and bone plate surgeries
 dental implants             
ZincZamark#328322165-1456.610superior corrosion resistance
low  creep strength
communication equipment
musical instruments
water valves.
car beacon, security window, guard bar etc
MagnesiumMagnesium alloy

cuprumBronze #bronze2556955-707.5-8.946-70ductile
 high electrical conductivity
ships' propellers, musical instruments, and electrical contacts.
machine tools
Brass #brass47823953-568.5-8.844-60 high electrical conductivity
high malleability
good flow characteristics
decoration for its bright gold-like appearance
low friction parts such as locks, gears, bearings, doorknobs, ammunition casings,zippers and valves
plumbing and electrical applications
brass musical instruments such as horns and bells             
Copper #Red/purple/pure copper39425835-458.8945-50thermal 
high electrical conductivity
high ductility
electrical wire , roofing, plumbing , and industrial machinery
boat hulls to control the growth of plants and shellfish.
nutritional supplements and fungicides in agriculture
Common subdivision bronze

Phosphor Bronze455193

Beryllium Bronze10001035

tin bronze261110

aluminium bronze551275

manganese bronze448206

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