Sheet Metal Services

Sheet Metals are part of the most versatile materials in the fabrication and industrial sector. Sheet metals have a variety of thickness but typically refers to metal sheets wherein the uniform thickness does not exceed 4mm. Because of their variety of forms, sheet metals (flat, etched, ribbed, perforated or embossed) can be applied across various industries including aerospace, consumer electronics, machineries, furniture, appliances and even transportation.

Fabrication of sheet metals is an extensive process requiring finesse, technique and a high level of accuracy. Sheet metals have many advantages that make them suitable for widespread use. These may include:

Low cost
Sheet metals are generally significantly lower in material and process compared to machining

Suitability in mass production
Sheet metals can be automated for direct production from CAD. This allows for the production of diverse materials in a manner that is highly scalable

Although lightweight, high-quality sheet metal parts have durable properties that make them suitable for some strenuous process

By definition, sheet metals are flat, but through the various processing options available, sheet metals can be shaped into many different things.

Sheet metals have conductivity properties that make them suitable for thermal and electrical applications

Sheet metals applications have become very important in product developments. At First Part, we offer professional sheet metal services and fabrications. Our Sheet metal process fabrication is top class, availing you of the chance of stamping, punching, laser cutting, perforating as well as other finishing processes.
Selecting the right material 

As FirstPart, we strive to source and utilize the best-suited materials for each sheet metal service. Stainless steel, brass, aluminium and other popular materials exist, but we ultimately decide the best-fit based on the mechanics and function on the projects at hand.

Sheet Metal Post-production and Finishing Services

At FirstPart, we complement our sheet metal fabrication services with excellent post-production and finish services. We offer treatments and finishing options such as painting, printing, powder coating, anodizing, electroplating, eletrocoating, polishing and more.

Why FirstPart Sheet metal Services?

Faster production
Get your projects executed to perfection and delivered in a short time frame

Material assortment
Choose from a wide array of materials for your project

Scalability and Repeatability
Scale your projects to multiple units with no differences in quality, functionality and aesthetic. Because we have Standard operating procedures, you can be rest assured of getting consistency irrespective of the size of your project

Inch-perfect designs and productions that serve purposes they were intended

Cost savings and waste minimization
Save cost with our effective sheet metal services that aims to cut excesses and minimize waste and encourage recycling

Tangible design
First Part will produce functional, practical parts that can be put to use right from production

Product quality control
Our quality control unit is always on hand to scrutinize and ensure that only the best quality is engrained in every unit produced for your project. Our engineering experience and excellence ensures that we produce sheet metals with improved edge qualities, consistently accurate laser cut and improved cutting times for quick turnaround.

Personalize your sheet metal projects and dictate specifics through your project timeline

Post Finish Services
Perfect your sheet metal parts with excellent finishing services to ensure quality through your project lifecycle

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First Part expertise and experience in sheet metal services provides customers with an all-in-one service on all sheet metal projects. From your design to fabrication, finishing and post-finish, our latest technologies and investments ensures that we stay ahead of our competition to provide high quality service and the most competitive prices.
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