3D Printing Services

3D Printing is an innovative solution that runs on additive manufacturing technologies that allows for the production of sophisticated, aesthetic three-dimensional solid parts directly from a digital source. 3D printing has made the fabrication and production of otherwise impossible parts attainable by using an additive process wherein objects are created by layering successive materials till the final object is produced.

Right from your CAD data, 3d printing prototype service allows for the making of strong geometric-complex objects with attributes that can only be dreamed of on traditional machining. With our wide array of 3D solutions available at your fingertips, parts can be rapidly produced for your projects with minimal waste and higher accuracy and efficiency. Our 3D printing services is widely applicable in multiple disciplines of engineering, medical, automotive, aerospace and much more!


Our 3D Printing Processes
Stereolithography (SLA)

Stereolithography, also referred to as SL or SLA, is an expert 3D printing technology that utilizes a UV-sensitive liquid resin. SL or SLA, uses an ultraviolet laser to scan and draw on the liquid thermoset resin surface and selectively hardens the materials by creating thousands of thin layers. The process ultimately builds the 3D object from the bottom to the top until the final parts are fashioned. Stereolithography is one of the most widely-applied rapid prototyping technology for 3D printing.

Why choose Stereolithography?

SL or SLA is a great choice on your projects for myriad reasons:
Low-volume production for objects with complex geometry
Quick turnaround excellent for market-ready prototypes and photoshoots
Superb alternative to techniques such as Vacuum casting



How does Stereolithography work?

3D Model is obtained
Laser treatment to harden UV-liquid
Gradual lowering of platform while the Laser treatment selectively hardens the material
Process continues to form the object parts and its support
Washing of part and support to remove UV-durable liquid commences
3D part is finished

Laser Sintering (SLS)

Laser Sintering or SLS is an industrial 3D printing operation and additive manufacturing process that employs lasers as a power source in the production of sinter powdered material. SLS parts are produced by automatically aiming lasers into 3D-model defined points in space, ultimately binding materials together to obtain a solid finished structure.

SLS parts are precise and functional production parts or prototypes that can be made in as fast as 24 hours. SLS techniques can be used with an array of nylon-based materials to create super-durable, tough and resilient final parts. This technology can be applied in part production for machines, interlocking parts, wearables, airplanes and other production tools.


Why choose Laser Sintering (SLS)?

SLS is one of the most deliverable technology for moving parts, complex designs and fast production. Here’s why to consider SLS on your next project:

Cost-effectiveness and suitability as alternative to injection molding
Suitability for living hinges, mobile parts, interlocking parts and complex designs
Customized manufacturing
Lightweight designs attainable by complex lattice structure


How does Laser Sintering (SLS) work?

3D model is obtained
Powder particles are laser-bind
Layers of powder are spread atop each other as Laser selectively binds particles
Part is formed by laser sintering
The part is then cleared of all loose powder
3D part is finished



FirstPart 3D Printing Services

FirstPart professional 3D printing services is an advanced manufacturing process that has been developed over the years to ensure perfection in ever project. Our qualitative 3D printing guarantees quality-generous fabrications that are superior, rigid and functional right from the start.

From speed to quality, waste minimization and diverse applications with a wide array of materials, we are your one-stop-shop in China for rapid 3D printing services for small and large-scale projects


Why FirstPart 3D Printing?

Faster production

Get your projects delivered in as fast as 24 hours
Material assortment
Choose from a wide array of materials for your project.
Scalability and Repeatability
Scale your projects to multiple units with no differences in quality, functionality and aesthetic. Because we have Standard operating procedures, you can be rest assured of getting consistency irrespective of the size of your project
Inch-perfect designs and productions that serve purposes they were intended
Cost savings and waste minimization
Save cost with our effective 3D printing services that aims to cut excesses and minimize waste



Tangible design

First Part will produce functional, practical parts that can be put to use right from production

Product quality control

Our quality control unit is always on hand to scrutinize and ensure that only the best quality is engrained in every unit produced for your project


Personalize your 3D designs and dictate specifics through your project timeline

For part sizes bigger than 200mm in size, FirstPart recommends using CNC milling

technique for better costing, lead time, cosmetic quality and functionality. Our CNC Machining services are always on hand to augment features that 3D printing alone cannot deliver.
And even more!

First Part will provide free finishing services for all your 3D printing projects to help you get your final desired look and ensure uniformity of quality from 3D design to output.


Get your 3D Printing Project Started Today

Are you looking for a printer for your latest 3D project? Do you need something more than the everyday 3D printing capabilities? FirstPart’s 3D printing solutions can offer you excellent services that ensures accuracy, scalability, repeatability at a cost-effective price.
All our parts are thoroughly scrutinized for quality control, ensuring that only the best parts that are as light as possible, functional and effective in performance are produced from even the most complex 3D designs. Contact us and get your free quote today!



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