The Safety Precautions Of CNC Injection Molding Machine

As a processing person, you should shoulder the safety and link your daily safety issues with yourself. It is safe for me to be safe. This is also my responsibility. How can cnc injection molding machine be able to achieve safe production, here are some of the necessary conditions for safe production.

Safe production is to tell us the importance of safety in the production process. Let's talk about the necessary conditions for safe production of cnc injection molding machine.
Personal safety:
1. Wear appropriate clothes, not suitable for wearing clothes that are too loose or strong, and loose clothes are easy to hook to cause problems with the machine;
2. Remove watches, necklaces, bracelets and other similar accessories before processing, in addition to avoiding scratches on the jewelry, it is also to avoid the interruption of the processing process or the failure of the jewelry during the production process;
3. Net the long hair or tie it up to prevent the hair from being caught in the machine, causing personal injury;
4. Protect your eyes, always wear safety eyes with a secure frame, etc.
environment safety:
1. Make sure the floor is clean and free of oil, water, chips and other hazards;
2. Check the walkway to ensure that it is not blocked in any direction;
3. Check that all material storage is safe and that the finished workpiece is in the proper container;
4. Do not move the protective device, etc.
These are basically safety precautions during processing. The knowledge simply lists such a few, but these must be treated with caution, especially as cnc CNC lathe processing should be kept in mind.