Why You Should Be Outsourcing Your Manufacturing To China

Why You Should Be Outsourcing Your Manufacturing to China--plastic injection mold tooling

That businesses outsource their manufacturing to other companies locally and internationally is not new. In fact, over the last couple of years, the Chinese market has experienced significant boom as a result of these actions as more and more businesses from around the world strive to save cost and optimize quality. 

But why exactly do companies outsource production to China? 
Today, we take a look at a few reasons why businesses outsource their productions to china and why you too should consider doing the same. Let’s get right into it. 

Cost savings 
As the aim of virtually every business is to be profitable, saving cost is often paramount in the minds of entrepreneurs. Outsourcing provides one of such ways to save cost as businesses get to eliminate overhead costs, labour, rent, insurance and maintenance costs. Outsourcing also helps start-up businesses to spread their capital and not concentrate heavily on acquiring production equipment. In countries like china, certain businesses are supported by tax breaks and subsidies, thereby making it more economical to setup and run in China than other parts of the USA

Competitive market, diverse service
China is typically referred to as the world’s capital of manufacturing. This is because there is a wide array of manufacturing services offered in China. Also, there is a healthy competition and very little service monopoly which helps to keep the price controlled. 
More often than not, outsourcing your job to a company like First Part in china means you can start your production cycle from idea stage to final product under the same roof with excellent quality control at affordable rates. 

Faster lead-times 
Due to the concentration of larger factories and an ever-growing workforce, manufacturers in china have the ability to produce higher yield in quicker time frames. China’s advancement in technology has also seen the development and adoption of many new technologies like CNC machining and Additive manufacturing that cut production cycles significantly. 

Manufacturers in China are usually flexible, allowing for rapid changes to be made depending on your product and the ensuing demands. Production here is more flexible and may scaled up or down without hassles while parameters such as minimum order quantities may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. A lot of manufacturers in china also understand the need of new and emerging businesses and are always willing to offer low-volume manufacturing. 

Returns on Investment and Profitability 
Because of the low cost and high yield, outsourcing to china can make your business gain a significant advantage over your competitors. As your costs are lower, you have a decent ability to set your price lower than competition and encourage more customers to purchase your brand. This can greatly impact your profitability. 

Ease of entering foreign markets 
Depending on where your target market is, outsourcing to china may take you closer to your end-users and final consumers. You will definitely save cost on shipping when you choose to manufacture closer to your market, and the fact that the Asian market has lesser demand for established brand names will make your penetration even easier. 

First Part Sheet Manufacturing Services in China 
Take advantage of our range of high quality manufacturing services today.
With over 1000 projects executed to completion for both local and international clients, our high-quality custom sheet metal services, rapid prototyping services, low-volume manufacturing, CNC machining, 3D printing and plastic injection moulding deliver top-tier products with all round compliance to specifications. 

Our processes are engineered for optimal cost savings and high repeatability and all our state-of-the art factories are furnished with excellent in-house capacity for mass production. 

Contact us here today and learn how outsourcing your manufacturing service to us can help you save cost, improve your design flexibility and deliver an overall better product at the most competitive rates. Click here to get your free quote now on your next project now!


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