Picking The Right Prototyping Company

The need for prototyping
As volumes of products continue to flood the market, designers are increasingly demanding faster manufacturing and consumers continue to expect products that are resilient, functional and beautiful.     
To bridge this gap, it has become a matter of must for engineers, designers and fabricators to have an efficient prototyping company on hand. 
Selecting the right prototyping company 

Picking a good prototyping company to work along alongside your business is very important for a number of reasons. Before you commit resources to a new design, it is important to evaluate and validate your project to know the best-fit materials and production techniques that would be best for you.           

Tight deadlines also mean you need to partner with a reliable prototyping company to launch ahead of the competition and maintain market share. Keep this 5 tips in mind when looking to partner any prototyping company: 

1.Industry Knowledge 
While there may be some general industry knowledge across most rapid prototyping businesses, it is very important to select a prototyping company that has in-depth experience, knowledge and familiarity with your industry.

This industry-specific knowledge will help you to streamline the material types, strength and grades that you’ll be working with. It also helps to cut trial and error practices in the process as a prototyping company versed in your industry will know process-optimizing activities and limitations. 

2.Speed and Versatility
The right prototyping company for you should embody speed and versatility in every aspect of its operation. This is because when you are test-running your designs, there is likely to be need for adjustments and corrections along the line. You will therefore benefit from a company that can make quick adjustments in your design and run new prototypes seamlessly. 

3.Low-volume production 
The whole essence of prototyping is to have small units of a big project that you can observe, improve or further develop before market launch. One of the key qualities of the right prototyping company lies in their ability to run low-volume production. 

Ideally, you should be looking for companies that can run quantities as low as 50 parts with a delivery period of 24 – 48 hours. Your ideal company must also not compromise quality and deliver production-grade parts while availing you cost savings over traditional tooling. 

4.Diverse prototyping capabilities 
The right prototyping company should be all-encompassing. This means that you should be able to run your prototype from start to finish under one roof. This is even more important for services such as CNC machining or plastic injection molding. 

Your prototype company should have diverse capability in working with various materials from plastic to metal. Having all these processes in-house means you save time and cost as you don’t have to ship your parts around. It also means that you do not bear any risk of IP theft as your design and ideas are not being mobilized across various businesses and suppliers. 

5. Investment in latest technology 
Last of all, you should try as much as possible to refrain from working with outdated and traditional-based manufacturers. In an age and time like this, your ideal prototyping company should be digitally savvy and well versed in the latest developments and technology in prototyping and manufacturing. 

FirstPart - A support 3d printing rapid prototyping services company that has it all
Looking for the best partner on your next project? FirstPart offers you a world of endless possibilities in rapid prototyping, CNC machining and many other manufacturing and finishing services. 
Work with us on all your projects from quality control to design validation and low-volume manufacturing to launch your projects on time and beat your competition. Our production factories are furnished with the latest prototyping capabilities for delivering excellent services with quick turnaround. 

We boast of a stringent quality control division that endures that all your designs are ran with the best industry-grade materials to ensure that only the best prototypes are produced. With over 5000 projects executed to date, we are on hand to deliver on your next project and more. 

To learn more about our services and receive a free quote on your project, please click here to contact us


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