How Rapid 3D Printing Is Impacting Industry

How Rapid 3D Printing Is Impacting Industry

You must have heard about Industry 4.0. This popular phrase refers to the fourth industrial revolution, an era where automation, cloud and cognitive computing, cyber-physical system, data analytics and exchange is rapidly developing the manufacturing sectors. 

Industrial revolution 4.0 comes as a succession to the 3rd industrial revolution, which in fact featured computers and automation. The main selling point here is the tenacity and possibility of new and emerging businesses to create smart factories that use practical and readily accessible forms of manufacturing. 

How does 3D printing concern Industry 4.0?

The first industrial revolution entailed mechanization, the harness of water and steam power. The second industrial revolution featured mass production, electricity, assembly lines and the likes. 3D Printing is a form of additive manufacturing, where a computer sends a digital CAD image to a 3-axis device to print live, physical copy of a part. 

Industry 4.0 will take advantage of technology such as this to totally disrupt the manufacturing sphere over the next couple of years. 3D printing and other additive manufacturing technologies are therefore of great importance to the Industrial revolution 4.0 because of the speed, flexibility, ease-of-prototyping, cost-efficiency and shorter manufacturing cycles that they bring to the table. 

What applications and areas are of greatest importance? 

Low-volume manufacturing 
Rapid 3D printing allows modern designers, start-up enthusiasts and innovative thinkers to be able to produce lower volumes of their product to experiment with or launch to the market. By avoiding tooling and molding cost and creating products with more accuracy, developers can print as low as 1-50 pieces of their part for whatever purpose they desire. 

With the infinite power of cloud computing and automated design generation software, innovation has never been easier. Because of how relatively easy it is to realize product designs and customize material type, functional requirements and more, it is generally easier to innovate using 3D printing. Models can be adjusted to fit digitally before production and corrections may easily be applied digitally without having to modify tools or molds.

Rapid prototyping 
True rapid prototyping is all about speed and efficiency. 3D printing has the ability to cut numerous production processes and streamline the production cycle from idea to product. 
Because of this, the industrial revolution will benefit from being able to bring new ideas to life for a fraction of the regular cost with shorter lead times

With consumers demanding more and more bespoke designs and tailor-made products, the manufacturing flexibility of 3D printing and cloud computing will deliver more customization options in the fourth industrial revolution. 
From colour-specific designs to ergonomic, functional parts that serve a target audience, 3D printing will enable easier and faster customization to every single customer. 

Cost Savings 
Do away with molding and tooling cost, minimum order quantities and strenuous mass-production requirements. The fourth industrial revolution will have a keen focus on cost and energy savings. This will be delivered through the simplicity of the 3D printing process as well as its rapid design iteration offers that will change the conventional product development cycle for good

First Part 3D Printing Services in China

The Industry 4.0 is already here. As more and more businesses continue to adopt additive technology and 3D printing, First Part offers superior quality additive manufacturing technologies. From ideation to final product, we boast of excellent in-house capacity that guarantees high-quality parts in low-volumes that are scalable and repeatable for mass production. 

Join the revolution now and take charge of your production process. Send us your CAD designs and watch us optimize your design for manufacturing. Our experts are also well versed to talk you through every step of the process, mitigate risks of errors and deliver hands-on functional prototypes that are practical and ready to go! Click here to obtain a free quote or contact us  http://www.firstpart.coml


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