Every Question About Urethane Castings Answered

Every question about Urethane castings answered

Casting is one of the more popular manufacturing methods with widespread use in the industry. During this process, a molten material is delivered into a mold to set and bring out a desired form. When this material solidifies, the formed part is removed from the mold. Urethane casting is a method of casting where silicone molds are use in the production of high-quality manufacturing parts with urethane as the molten material. It is also called cast urethane or RTV molding and is usually preferred because of its faster turnaround and lower costs. 

So, what makes urethane casting so special? Why do they have higher application in most industries and what are they used for? We’ll be answering all your questions in today’s blog. 

The benefits of urethane across multiple industries 

Cast urethanes are popular in a wide array of industries. Let’s take a look of their many benefits and reasons for their diverse applications: 

Compact and stability 
Cast urethane products have demonstrated exceptional stability and compactness over their years of use. What this means is that cast urethane parts will not have any structural or physical changes across many temperature and pressure ranges. Another reason is the ability of urethane castings to return to their original dimension, shape and size even after stretching then to wider limits. This is because of a property called elastomeric memory, which allows urethane to regain its original form after releasing it from an expanse. 
Cast urethane products are less susceptible to wear and tear compared to other materials like metals or alloys that make crack, scratch or corrode. 

One of the key components of producing parts that function as intended is having very low tolerances. Parts with high tolerances have more space and lesser molecular compactness. Casted urethane parts spanning as large as 25 inches can be manufactured with appreciably lower tolerances that consequently produces highly precise parts. 

Strength and resistance 
Unlike plastic parts, urethane castings demonstrate high strength and impact resistance. The implications of this is the fact that your urethane casting is more likely to maintain its strength and pliability as their hardness increases. Since urethane can have tensile strength as high as 7500 pounds per square inch (PSI) this also means you will have parts will lesser risk of breakage or deformity under force or pressure.  

Finishing and variety 
Cast urethane procedures offer high flexibility when it comes to the finishing options. Depending on the type of your design specifications, your final product may be rigid, flexible or moderate. You can also customize your finishing, painting or colour options to match and pronounce its suitability for its end use. 

Low-volume manufacturing 
Last of all, urethane castings are preferred across multiple industries for its application for low-volume manufacturing. Cast urethane parts are affordable alternatives when looking to meet low-volume demands or bridge production gap and market demands. Urethane casting avoids high production overheads and delivers high-quality parts in appreciable timelines. 

Applications of urethane casting
Considering all the above discussed benefits, it is easy to see how urethane castings will have a variety of applications. Some of the areas where cast urethane parts may be utilized include: 

Developing engineering models 
Rapid prototyping 
Multiple automotive interior uses such as steering wheels and exterior parts like bumpers. 
Foam parts in aircrafts 
Concept models 
Consumer testing and user evaluation 
Bridge to production
Large scale pre-production running 

Where to make high-quality cast urethane

FirstPart offer high-quality urethane gold casting machine solutions specially designed for low-volume production of parts and prototypes. Our amazing in-house capacity and experience in the field can be leveraged to produce several excellent production parts and prototypes that can serve myriad purposes across many industries. Contact us today or click here now to get your free quote!


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