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Is it possible to operate a CNC machine without colliding?

Analyzing the consequences caused by a collision on current CNC Machining China centers, and the resources they provide to prevent this accident, it can be said with certainty that it is.

Why do collisions occur? 

 A collision occurs when the operator of the machine releases a movement that he considers to be under control. Most collision cases occur in one of the following situations:

For various reasons, there may be an interruption in the processing of the program, such as:

  • power interruption

  • tool supervision

  • Correction of the program, etc., or with the action of the “reset” key. With this, basic functions are restored.

Can a collision be avoided?

If we consider that we can act in a protected manner in situations 1 to 4, that machine defects can be predicted with preventive maintenance, we practically eliminate all possibilities of collision.

The acquisition of a CNC machine and its operation is an act of great responsibility. Therefore, the CNC Machining China operator must be well trained and very well paid to perform this task. "Operating a CNC machine is like driving a car. You shouldn't be afraid, but be very careful and attentive. The operation is like mathematics, an exact science that does not admit mistakes".

In most cases of collisions, they happen and should be avoided in one of the following situations:


Collision with movements in JOG - Movement in JOG is a manual movement, selecting a certain axis to be moved. By selecting a specific key (X / Y / Z / B / C ...), and then by pressing keys that indicate the direction of the axis (+/-), movement in the indicated direction occurs.

 The collision occurs when there is a distraction from the operator who ends up pressing the inverted direction.


Several precautions are needed at this time. When moving an axis, the operator must pay close attention to where it is moving, and if there is any obstruction that could cause a collision. Making a move in JOG without this care is the same as driving a car looking sideways. It's a collision for sure!


Program Test at CNC Machining China -There are two situations of program processing that can be considered in risk testing.

The first case is when the program is brand new, where all sentences are processing at the test level. In this situation, when processed, the program is considered a risky situation from the first to the last sentence.

Another case is when a program, already tested and approved previously, that is working in production operation, for some reason receives a change, from a simple word to several sentences.


The execution of a program must be done with the same care, both in a "new" program and in an "altered" one. When dealing with a new program, the precautions described below must be observed from the first to the last sentence in execution. In the changed program, this care is restricted to the region where there are altered sentences.

DANGER 3 - Cycle Resumption

When a program is being processed at CNC Machining China centers, several modal actuation functions are being memorized.

The performance characteristics of a modal function become valid for the programmed protocol.

Several reasons can cause the interruption of the program processing, such as power interruption, tool supervision, and program correction.


 When interrupting the cycle, the parts must be immediately removed as far as possible. The resumption must be done in a specially chosen sentence, where the machining can be continued without any damage to the process.

DANGER 4 - Tool Replacement in the Process

During automatic cycle production, tool wear or breakage usually occurs and must be replaced. When the reserve tool is put into operation, it becomes a risk element, as there may be an error in the correction data feed for its geometric procedures.

In this case, when approaching the tool to the part, or the device, there will be a collision of the tip of the tool, which is considered minor, but in reality, it is greater than expected.


If a process tool wears out or breaks, it must be replaced by another similar part to perform the same job. 

Where to get best cnc machining china in 2022?

Prestigious high-precision CNC Machining Service in China

Get a quick quote

  • CNC machining on request, fast production in 1-5 days

  • 20 + Years’ experience

  • 40 + Countries shipped

  • 50 + metals and plastics

  • 1000 + service companies

  • 200,000 + Manufactured parts

Custom CNC machining services

FirstPart can provide you with 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machining, EDM, laser cutting and more. With advanced CNC equipment and nearly twenty years of CNC experience, our team can ensure that our team produces high quality parts for you and helps you succeed from design, rapid prototyping, complex CNC machining projects to low and high volume production, a wide range of components. ...

CNC Machining service.jpg

CNC machining

  • For models up to a size of40x20x25cm.

  • Finishing of raw castings

  • Turning and milling work


Quick Order Processing

A professional and experienced team analyzes the production process and identifies production difficulties even before production begins, which can help you shorten your production cycle and save you expensive rework costs.

DFM Feedback

When your 3D CAD file is uploaded, we will have an experienced team of engineers to analyze any difficult-to-machine positions in your details, and we can even give some professional opinions on modifications to achieve savings.


Our production facilities are equipped with the most modern, high-precision imported machines with 3, 4 and 5 axes, which allow us to fulfill your order in record time.

  • Worldwide delivery in just 7 days
  • Prototyping in 1 day.
  • 50+ metals and plastics, 10+ surfaces
  • Tolerances up to + -0.005 mm
  • ISO 9001: 2015 certified plant
  • 40+ CNC machines
  • 50,000+ processed parts every month

Major Industries we Serve For

Ø  Medical Automotive

Ø  Military

Ø  Cellphone

Ø  Laptop

Ø  Desktop

We offer you to accelerate part of the development through rapid prototyping. In order to be able to meet the requirements of your prototypes, we offer production on various 3D printers and a high-performance CNC milling machine.

Single and Low-Volume Manufacturing

Regardless of whether you only need a single part or a small pilot series for testing purposes. We manufacture parts from 1 piece in metal or plastic. Thanks to our powerful CNC milling machine and several 3D printers, we are able to manufacture parts with various mechanical and thermal requirements.

What we need to create a prototype for a small series?

We need a 3D file in STL format (other formats: IGS, STP). If you do not have a 3D file at hand, a drawing  with the most important dimensions is sufficient. We create a 3D file based on your drawing.

Our CNC Machining Center Advantage

We can manufacture components with the highest precision requirements.


Our 5-axis CNC machining center can execute a vast range of tasks:

  • 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • 5-axis machining with inclined axes
  • Vacuum clamping table 2500mm x 2200mm
  • Model height max. 1000mm
  • 24-fold tool changer
  • CAM software CIMATRON (input data IGES, STL, etc.)

We are equipped with 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machining centers, and we provide customers with various solutions for their product development and prototype realization with strict quality control.

You can take advantage of a production in shortest time and competitive price.

Get Professional Rapid Prototyping Services to Reduce Cost

When a new machine part is designed, the mold is usually produced before mass production proceeds. So, if your products are still in the testing phase, you can opt for professional rapid prototyping services to reduce costs and save time.

High precision with Rapid Turnaround

High efficiency and short production time of just 2-3 working days

In rapid prototyping we are specialists for:

  • 3D construction

  • 3D printing

  • small series in plastic

  • prototypes in metal

  • small series in metal

  • material development

CNC Machining parts.jpg

Material development

We are able to process a wide variety of materials. For special demands and requirements, we develop specific materials and

Custom prototypes

For the first time, rapid prototyping has succeeded in manufacturing long-fiber-reinforced, complex components using vacuum casting. This makes it possible to close the gap between high-strength laminates on the one hand and cast components reinforced with short fibers on the other.

From the idea to the product


How you can save time and money with prototypes!

  • Only 3D file required for startup
  • Quick adaptation of the designs
  • High process reliability
  • Design changes possible during production
  • Fast production times
  • Delivery on demand

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