All The Exciting Things From Game Of Thrones You Can Rapid Prototyping 3D Printing Here At First Part

Winter is here – All the exciting things from Game of Thrones you can rapid 3d printing here at First Part 

Winter is coming – a phrase that every Game of Thrones enthusiast knows too well. With over 1 billion people expected to watch the final season of the movie, there’s no arguing that this HBO series is the biggest of all time. 

But as the Night King leads his army of undead, as Winterfell and the North gets ready for battle and as the movie generally draws closer to its end, what better way to live in the moment than making collectibles? We at First Part have made up a list of all the exciting things from the TV show that you can 3D print. Our selection features the most memorable characters, places and relics from Game of Thrones. 

Whether you wish to take on any of these for the personal fun of it or just want to get some friends and loved ones the best Game of Thrones souvenirs, here are some of the things we can rapid 3d printing for you at very affordable prices today!

The Castles at Winterfell 
Captured from the Game of Thrones sequence title, an impressive model of Winterfell shows the house of the Starks and the jewel of the North. This location holds a lot of importance in the movie to popular characters like Jon Snow, Sansa, Arya, Rob and even Brandon Stark. 


Dragon Eggs 
Daenerys Stormborn might be the Mother of Dragons, but who’s to say that you can’t have your own dragon eggs? If you are looking to hatch one of two of these and have your own dragon, we can save you the stress of going to Westeros and help to 3D print fine dragon eggs in a variety of finishes


The Iron Throne 
While we wait to see who will sit on the Iron throne at the end of the season, this exemplary symbol of power looks great both in and out of the movies. This small 3D Iron Throne model will be perfect as a desk décor or just as an enviable collectible to have around the house. 
Click here to download this 3D model courtesy of Thingiverse. 
Click here to have First Part Print this for you 

rapid-3d-printing 1

Made from over 1000 swords, the Iron Throne can sit any of your chosen Game of Thrones Character after you’re done deciding who is most worthy.

Hand of the King 
Being the King’s hand is no child’s play. As the second most powerful person in the whole of the 7 Kingdoms, this “Hand of the King” pin endows you with immense power to do and undo within the confines of your home. 

rapid-3d-printing 2

What’s Game of Thrones without Dragons? Choose from Rhaegal, Viserion or Drogon and fly into the heart of battle, obliterating all the enemies that stand in your way. Just be sure you have Targaryen blood running in your veins before trying to mount this one.  

rapid-3d-printing 4

The Night King 
Since everyone is focusing on being the good guy, why not be the Night King. Kinda has a nice ring to it. Get this super villain from First Part and let us print you some ice-cold White-walker King. And remember, what is dead may never die! 

rapid-3d-printing 5

Character Magnets
Game of Thrones is nothing without its super-famous cast of characters. Feel free to create your own mix of characters to make a magnet board that you can put at the coolest spot in your home. And if by any chance you choose to slap this on the door of your freezer, make sure the Night King is in the mix to get some extra cooling power! 

rapid-3d-printing 6

First Part Game of Thrones 3D Printing Service 
Are you looking for a printer for your latest 3D project? Do you need something more than the everyday 3D printing capabilities? FirstPart’s 3D printing solutions can offer you excellent services that ensures accuracy, scalability, repeatability at a cost-effective price. 
All our parts are thoroughly scrutinized for quality control, ensuring that only the best parts that are as light as possible, functional and effective in performance are produced from even the most complex 3D designs. Contact us and get your free quote today! 


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