All the Advantages of Manufacturing with A2(Injection Molding Manufacturing Process)

All the Advantages of Manufacturing with A 2-Shot Injection Molding Process

Plastic components vary in functionality and complexity. Today, 2-shot injection molding, extrusion and thermoset molding are all viable options for the production of plastic parts. 2-shot injection molding process is usually employed when dealing with complex molding scenarios, and comes with a number of pros for creating composite plastic parts over product assembly. 

What exactly is a 2-shot injection molding manufacturing process? 

The 2-shot injection molding process is used to produce a single plastic part by using 2 different plastic resins. This process essentially enables designers and engineers to develop complex parts by infusing either hard and soft plastic or resins of different colours without any type of part assembly after the molding process is completed. 

How does the process work? 

The 2-shot injection molding process is relatively simple. To begin, two different but compatible plastic resins are selected for use. Next, the first material is injected into the mold as the primary material. The other material constitutes the secondary injection into the mold to form the single but composite plastic part. 

What are the advantages of 2-shot injection molding? 

For starters, the 2-shot injection molding manufacturing process is s single cycle process. What this means is that both plastic materials are fused into the mold in the same cycle without the need for separate machines. 
There is also better product adhesion, eliminating the need for post-molding assembly afterwards. 

The 2-shot injection molding process makes the plastic injection-molding process more diverse and open to a wider array of applications. This process can be applied in automotive interior parts, tools and toys, plastic parts and even medical devices. 
The combination of plastic resins can deliver properties like attractiveness without the expense of strength or functionality. 

Product quality
2-shot injection molding enhances product qualities in many ways. Manufacturers will benefit from improved ergonomics, aesthetics, utility, strength and durability. 

2-shot injection molding drastically reduces material waste, consumes lesser energy, eliminates product assembly and produces complex parts in a single cycle. There is also reduced labour cost when you choose a 2-shot injection molding process over product assembly. All of this efficiency also translates into cost-savings for you. 

2-shot molding will enhance your part performance because the components are firmly moulded together. In this case, there are no risks of loosening screws, failing glues or other assemblies that would have been used in an assembly process. 
Your finished product would be more functional, durable and ergonomic 

Design possibilities 
2-shot injection molding opens endless opportunities in designing new products. With 2-shot molding, engineers will be able to make parts that are multi-coloured, multi-component, water-protected or unbreakable. 

Is your plastic manufacturer as efficient as possible? 
Quality and efficiency are two hallmarks of a great business. Question is, are you working with an efficient plastic manufacturer? At First Part, we go the extra mile to help all our clients produce the best quality parts possible at the most cost-effective price. We actively look for ways to optimize our production process to minimize waste and optimize time. Our 2-shot injection molding service is one of our finest services, providing you with a variety of plastic resins to choose from. Ready to get in touch? Click here to contact us now and get your free quote in a number of hours! 


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