Achieve High Gloss Effect Of Prototype Products

The prototype can be divided into plastic prototype, silicon collagen prototype, metal prototype: plastic prototype. Mainly from small-batch production, such as television, display, telephone etc. Our common products, such as TV sets, home appliances, mobile phones, telephone shells and other communication equipment, are produced by plastic injection moulding.  

High gloss effect is a surface treatment process in prototype industry, which can make the prototype surface brighter; both plastic prototype and metal prototype can achieve high gloss effect,just the process used differs.- Rapid prototyping services cost

The surface of prototype products can go through these procedures: grinding, polishing, fuel injection,  screen printing, electroplating, oxidation, wire drawing and so on. The effect can be comparable to that of finished products (good fall resistance, high precision, surface treatment degree up to 99%).            

As far as plastic ABS materials are concerned, only grinding and polishing are needed to achieve high-gloss effect. For the prototype printed by 3D printing mode, it needs spray oil, not UV, because 3D printing is resin-based material, which is prone to deformation after ultraviolet irradiation, while other materials processed by cnc machining, such as PC, acrylic and so on,Spray oil first and then UV is neccessary for high-gloss effect.       

Electroplating and water plating can also be used for high gloss treatment. The principle between them is basically the same. Both of them are coated with an alloy on the prototype surface, which can make the prototype surface more beautiful.           

The prototype is usually taken to workshop for UV treatment after sprayed 3 to 4 times. After a series of processing work, the prototype's high-light effect is ideal.

In addition, when the prototype is sprayed, it is also necessary to examine whether there is a pool in it. The polishing process requires excellent patience in order to improve the gloss.       


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