8 Reasons Why CNC Machines Are The Best for Milling Operations

8 Reasons why CNC Machines are the best for milling operations 

There are many different tools that may be employed in the milling. The milling process itself refers to an operation that may be used to remove material parts from a workpiece till the final desired shape and form is attained. 
Milling is a form of subtractive machining. This is the opposite of 3D printing which uses additive manufacturing to build a part by systemically adding layer atop layer till the final product is formed. 

Milling may be done using different types of mill cutters or via the use of a CNC machine. Many experts often wonder the best approach to take. In today’s manufacturing landscape where precision and repeatability are extremely important factors, it is the CNC machine that holds the advantage over conventional milling methods, and here’s why: 

24/7 availability
CNC machines generally run for long hours and will usually have no downtime. These machines can run 24 hours a day for 52 weeks a year and may only be switched off for maintenance work. This durability and on-demand availability means you can expect your project to be delivered as at when due. 

Software advantage
CNC refers to Computer numerical control. These CNC machines use a software to integrate and perform a wide array of tasks. The digital advantage allows for manufacturers to obtain more complex production parts that is digitally designed and send to the machine for processing. 

Easy to learn and use
Unlike other conventional milling machines that require experts with years of experience operating the machines, the CNC machine is pretty hands-on and anyone can easily be trained to use and produce with it. The need for engineers may only arise when there is need for serious repairs or damage on the machine. 

Precision and repeatability
While it is possible to produce almost similar parts when using conventional milling machines, there will always be a precision gap. CNC machines on the other hand are digitally set to specifications, thereby producing milling operations that guarantee high precision and exactness over tens of thousands of units of the same product. CNC milling is also highly scalable and repeatable. 

With CNC milling, modern design software aboard allows engineers to control the appearance and characteristics of the finished products before machining. This cuts down the need for prototyping which helps to save both cost and time. CNC milling machines also boast of higher efficiency and production capacity, which means you can trim your overheads and achieve your manufacturing goals faster. 

CNC machines utilize a software that make them almost fully automated. Once pre-set and programmed, these machines will continue to run on their own, producing high quality precision parts till the desired unit is manufactured. 

Multi-axis action
Conventional CNC machines have a 3-axis (XYZ) action that allows for greater flexibility and accuracy. With advancements, there are now 3+2-axis machines or 5-axis machines that allow for the machining of production parts that have complex geometries. Because of this multi-axis action, CNC machines will almost certainly produce more complex and more accurate parts. 

CNC machines can also be used to enhance final products with a number of post-milling operations. From engraving to signing, smoothing and many more, the CNC machine offers a holistic process right from material to finished product. 

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