6 Amazing Finishes That Will Enhance Your Aluminium Extruded Parts

6 Amazing Finishes That Will Enhance your Aluminium Extruded Parts

We already know all the amazing benefits of aluminium extrusion molding plastic parts. From its relative cost-effectiveness to corrosion resistance, lightweight, recyclability and strength-to-weight ratio, aluminium is one of the most versatile options for multisector industry use. 
Finishing remains one of the secondary concerns for aluminium extrusion processes. 
Choice of finishing may affect physical, chemical, thermodynamic and other functional performance. It may also affect your pricing and customer’s readiness to purchase as visual appeal is also key. 

Categories of Aluminium Finishes 

Aluminium finishes may be classed into 4 main categories. These are based on the type and effect of the finish applied. They include: 

Mechanical Finishes
Chemical Finishes 

Once you have decided to go with aluminium extrusion, here are 6 great finishes that you should consider to enhance your extruded parts.

Aluminium contains a natural layer of oxide. 
This layer is one of the reasons for its natural resistance to corrosion. Anodizing aluminium simply intends to artificially increase this protective layer using an electrochemical process. The process is excellent for conveying durability, abrasion and fade resistance. A dye may also be used in the process to provide a range of desired colours including the silver (metallic) finish most common in aluminium extrusions. 
Pre-treatment solutions may include etching of the aluminium part to get the desired level of surface mattness. It may also involve the cleaning of the part with acidic or alkaline materials followed by the application of a pre-treatment coating. This is to improve the adhesion of paint or powder that is to be used to treat the part. 
Polyester powder coating 
Powder coatings are one of the best coatings that can be applied to aluminium surfaces. Asides the fact they convey an almost infinite range of colours, they can easily be applied to your aluminium part with no risk of running or blistering. 
This treatment is highly repeatable and can be used to convey decent UV/corrosion resistance. 

Liquid Painting
Liquid painting helps to convey uniform film thickness to your aluminium-extruded parts. They also come in limitless range of colours and greatly aid visual aesthetics. 

Brightening refers to the process in which a high surface shine is created on the aluminium-extruded part. This gives aluminium a spectacular reflective and mirror-like finish. 

Mechanical Finishes
Aluminium extrusions can be finished in a myriad of ways relating to mechanical handling. The most popular techniques include grinding, abrasive blasting, burring, polishing, embossing and shot peening. 
These techniques can help to improve the quality of the part’s surface and prepare the part for subsequent cosmetic treatments and finishes. 

Why you should treat your aluminium surfaces 

In order to get the best performance and functionality form your aluminium-extruded parts, it is important to treat them to the right type of finish. So, what are the general benefits of treated aluminium extrusion parts? Find out below: 

Colour and appearance 
Hardness and film thickness 
Corrosion resistance 
Wear and abrasion resistance
Electrical insulation 

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