5 Reasons To Own A startup 3D Printing

5 Reasons to Own a Start-Up in Additive Manufacturing  

Additive manufacturing simply refers to the production process wherein a part is created additively by creating it from start to finish layer by layer. This process is also referred to as 3D printing. 
Additive manufacturing is different from the more regular subtractive manufacturing. This is because it forms parts by adding layers of materials printed upon one another till a part is formed. Subtractive manufacturing on the other hand uses a variety of techniques to produce a part from a material by removing unneeded portions. 

The regular benefits of 3D printing to customers is known to most as speed, delivery and affordability. Today, we take a look at 5 benefits of additive manufacturing to enterprising product designers or developers looking to start their own venture. These will surely interest you. (rapid app prototyping)

Lower cost of entry 
While many know about the affordability and lowered cost of production that additive manufacturing delivers, a lot of design experts may not understand that this could also mean a lower cost of entry into the manufacturing space. 
From as low as $3500, you can get a decent industrial-grade printer. The greatly lowers capital cost required to start up, and manages scale of production for enhanced speed to run batches that grow profits. 

Revisions have never been easier 
This advantage ties to both business owners and customers. Unlike traditional manufacturing where hundreds of dollars and valuable hours will be lost when trying to modify a design or prototype, additive manufacturing allows for dynamic designs that enables product developers to create an array of versions for a single product in a manner that is cost-efficient. Consequently, the need for a modification when using additive manufacturing will not cost an arm and leg to both the customer and the business.  

Information is readily accessible 
As a start-up entering the manufacturing sphere with additive technology like 3D, one can easily bridge the knowledge gap that traditional manufacturers have racked up over the years. This is because of two reasons: 
First, the additive manufacturing technology is modern, which means there are many digital trainings available in blogs and videos across the internet. Second, traditional tooling usually houses many complex processes that are inter-related and likely to be more time-consuming to learn. 
If you’re not someone with a versed depth in engineering and manufacturing, 3D printing maybe the best place to take the first step. 

Energy and Labour costs
Compared to traditional manufacturing processes, it is easy to see why manufacturing techniques like 3D printing will save more energy and cost less. 
Additive manufacturing helps to save energy costs first due to the smaller sizes of equipment which consequently consumes lesser materials. 
Traditional manufacturing rack up high electricity costs due to their size and usage in conjunction with other heavy machines. Also, when considering re-manufacturing, 3D printing technology can be used to transform an old product to like-new condition while using only about a quarter of the energy that may be required to build a totally new part. 
Labour costs will also be significantly lower as comparatively smaller overheads is likely to be incurred in your start-up business when dealing solely in 3D printing technology. 

Additive manufacturing is digitally optimized 
Many 3D websites have taken advantage of the digital strength of this additive manufacturing technology. As a start-up, you can easily land your first job by providing an option for your clients to upload their drawings/models and offer next day delivery as soon as their part is printed. While this is possible on some forms of traditional tooling machines and CNC-aided equipment, 3D-printing is simply more accessible for on-demand production.  

And just one more 

Niche marketing 
We promised 5, but here’s a sixth. 
Start-ups in the additive manufacturing space will benefit from niche marketing. What this means is a refined ability to target the appropriate audience through cost-effective marketing efforts. Additive manufacturing start-ups will generally be more appealing to fellow low-volume manufacturers and businesses that have on-demand, affordable, low-volume needs. 
Emerging business will also be more assured of confidentiality and accuracy as their designs are handled in-house in a very brief sequence of process before production. 

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