3 Reasons Why You Should Anodize Your Aluminium Extruded Parts (Aluminium Die Casting)

Aluminium parts are in high demand these days and it’s for all the right reasons. Aluminium extruded parts are lightweight, corrosion resistant and comparatively more affordable than their other metallic counterparts. Aluminium’s recyclability has also given it an edge over several other materials in designing and manufacturing. With these widespread use, it has become important to apply efficient treatments to prolong the lifespan of aluminium-extruded parts, and aluminium anodizing is one of the few ways to do just that! 

What is Aluminium Anodizing 
Aluminium anodizing is an electrochemical process that is used to create an oxide layer on the surface of your aluminium-extruded part. Although aluminium has this natural layer that makes is resistant to corrosion, anodizing delivers an extra layer of protection that makes the surface of your part to be more wear-resistant, visually appealing and more impermeable. 
Then amount of protection is dependent on the thickness of the layer of the oxide applied to the aluminium part. 

Why you should anodize your aluminium parts by aluminium die casting
Visual aesthetics – colour and appearance
Anodized aluminium will have better cosmetic appearance and deliver more visual aesthetics and appeal. Popular gadgets like iPhones, MacBooks and other smartphones have aluminium unibodies that are anodized to promote beauty, lustre and surface emissivity in variety of colours. 
Anodizing also allows designers and manufacturers to enhance the texture of their products, create a dye-ideal surface and provides better adhesion capacity for glues and paint primers. 

Strength, lifespan and protection 
Aluminium parts that have been anodized are typically stronger than ordinary or pure aluminium extruded parts. Anodizing improves a products lifespan by offering protection from scratches, wear and tear due to everyday physical contact and usage. Furthermore, aluminium-anodized parts will have more protection against harsh chemicals, abrasions and UV rays. Anodized aluminium also offers amazing thermal protection to the metallic parts of your device. 

Cost savings and ease of maintenance 
Along with the lower initial finishing cost, anodizing your aluminium parts helps you to save money in the long run. This is because you have lower maintenance cost over the years coupled with no risk of fading or chalking. 

Your part is also almost certain to be free from a need for frequent surface cleaning, and even when required, anodized aluminium parts are easier to clean. 

A mild soap and water treatment will leave your part looking like new. 

First Part Aluminium Extrusion Services
At First Part, we offer high quality aluminium extruded parts made from industry-grade elements. Our excellent services cut across production down to finishing, where we can help with any aluminium treatment you may desire. 

Our production houses every faucet of manufacturing, ensuring a streamlined, fast and efficient production process that is error free. We also have many options for low-volume manufacturing for quick turnaround. At First Part, our aluminium extrusion and aluminium anodizing parts and processes produce thick, thin or medium oxide layers as best-fit for your project. 

Choose from a wide array of colours and finishing options depending on your treatment purpose. Whether you are looking to deliver exceptional visual aesthetics or improve strength and protection, our excellent services are affordable and available for you!
If you would like to learn more about our aluminium extrusion and aluminium anodizing services in China . Already interested? Click here to obtain your free quote and get started on your next project


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