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First Part Services

We provide rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, low-volume manufacturing and finishing services for all types of businesses both locally and internationally. At First Part, our core capabilities and strengths are centred around delivering quality services to all of our customers. We have excellent in-house production capacity and refined manufacturing processes that will deliver high-quality production parts at cost-effective prices. We service a variety of industries from  automotive to aerospace, consumer products, lighting and electronics. First Part is a prefessional rapid prototyping manufacturer in China.

Plastic Injection


CNC Machining

Low Volume Production

Sheet Metal


Upload A CAD File

Upload your CAD file online & tell us important details about your project to get an instant guaranteed quote.

Design For Manufacturability


One-stop-shop service that ensures that parts remain consistent in their high-quality from start to end with excellent finishes to convey aesthetics, ergonomics and protection.

Parts Are Shipped

Doorstep Delivery – Custom manufactured parts are shipped and delivered to your doorstep in as fast as

3 days.

Free Design for Manufacturability (DFM) analysis to suggest design improvements, finishes and processing techniques that are best suited for your project.

Responsive service within 24 hours

Order Individual

Custom-made parts in

as little as one part

As fast as 1 day to 

Make idea into reality

High quality

Precision accuracy
Perfect aesthetics

Excellent Reputation

and Reliability

International and multi-industry Excellence in over 30+ countries served