Low Volume Production

Why Low Volume Production?

Low volume manufacturing is rapidly gaining widespread adoption in the manufacturing sector. This quick and streamlined process is one of the best solution available to manufacturers and fabricators seeking production of an on-demand quantity with costs more affordable to prototyping.

Unlike the situation with prototyping a single unit where most of the clients require more copies for their testing or fund-raising, low volume manufacturing helps to overcome the extra expenditure that usually arises when professionals inevitably need more copies of the prototype. This way, our clients have ample number of units of their design prototype to work with for modification and perfection.

Low volume manufacturing offers demand flexibility and helps clients beat the long time for production that is usually encountered in production tooling as well as the large cost spent on the tool. At First Part, our low volume manufacturing services is sculpted to perfection, allowing us to perfectly cover low volume quantities ranging from 100 to 50,000 pieces. Our serial capabilities include but is not limited to CNC machining, urethane casting, sheet metals, extrusion, die casting and injection molding.


What quality can I expect for low volume manufacturing?

At First Part China Limited, quality is embedded in the simplest of our operations. Irrespective of the size and quantity to be manufactured, we are generally quite delicate with all our client’s jobs and take a rigorous approach for production.

How soon can I expect the parts?
Generally, you can expect to get the machined parts of 100 to 500 quantities within 7 to 20 days, 100 to 200 urethane casting units can take anywhere around 15 days, 100 to 10,000 sheet metal units within 20 days, 100 to 10,000 extrusions within 20 days, 100 to 50,000 molded units within 30 days (including the tooling build) and 100 to 10,000 die casting units within 30 days, also inclusive of the tooling building.


How do I choose the best solution for different quantities?
If you wonder what solution should use to match the quantity to be produced, we’ve got you covered! Our Engineers will help you out with this problem when we send you a quote. After a professional evaluation, we will state the best method suitable for quantity at hand and also make sure you are duly informed about how the quality may differ in each type of process involved in the low volume manufacturing.