Die Casting


Die Casting is a manufacturing procedure used in the production of complex geometry metal parts by pouring or forcing molten metal into reusable steel molds, known as dies. These steel molds, also known as dies or tools are produced specifically for each project. They serve as the master copy from which several other copies of a production part is produced.

Dies allow for the creation of high-quality metal parts with high accuracy and ensures that the process is highly repeatable. The die casting process is carried out with the use of a furnace, the metal material, the die casting equipment and the die itself. Aluminum, zinc and magnesium are the most common die casting alloys.


At First Part China Limited, our die casting process is meticulously outlined to produce intricate shapes that are geometrically complex without compromising on the quality, turn around, repeatability and durability. Our Pressure Die Casting service is one of the most cost-effective and methods for producing high-fidelity low to medium volume manufacturing of your metal parts with tight tolerances, excellent surface finishes and dimensional precision.

Advantages of Die Casting for metal part manufacturing


The die casting process is the preferred manufacturing technique when it comes to metal part production. Die casting boasts of impressive and significant advantages over other manufacturing processes. Cost-savings, complex geometries, minimal draft articles and greater component consistency are only part of the many advantages.

Here’s why you should consider using our die casting process:

—Minimized secondary operations by producing complex parts in one go and eliminating the need for assembly

—Easier inventory control and reduced labor cost

—Obtain tighter tolerances and produce high-fidelity copies with dimensional stability

—Fast turnaround and production times

—Reduction in material waste

—Long tool life with aluminum, zinc and magnesium alloys

—Excellent surface finish and reduced need for post-machining

—Cost savings when carrying out large production

Die casting alloys


The metal alloy to be used in the production process depends on a number of factors including end-use, strength, performance, weight, cost and functionality.


—Aluminum is generally suitable for lightweight parts with complex geometries. It offers an impressively polished finish and is very affordable

—Magnesium is ideal for applications that require optimal strength-to-weight ratio to deliver high performance

—Zinc is excellent for plating and applications that require some form of corrosion resistance. It is the least expensive of the metal alloys for die casting

First Part Global Die Casting Service


First Part China Limited offers an all-in-one set of die casting services. From mold production to die casting, machining, post-machining and finishing, our engineers offer design solutions that fit your end-use and functionality.


All of our experts are versed in a range of industries including consumer electronics, healthcare, automotive, aerospace, education, spares and more. At First Part China Limited, we also boast of immense project management experience which guarantees a seamless manufacturing process from design and information supply to excellent supply chain delivery and logistics capability. Our production capability guarantees on-time delivery and our in-house quality control and management department will assure you of the finest quality delivery evaluated over stringent quality standards.


We urge you to get in touch with our engineering team today and take advantage of our excellent professional services at competitive prices. Contact us here now or send us your CAD files to request a free quote today!