Aluminium Extrusion in China


Aluminium Extrusion is a streamlined process used in the transformation of aluminium alloys into a wide range of objects with well-defined geometric properties. This technique is widely employed in the production of aluminium objects with definitive cross section due to its efficiency, affordability and ease.


Aluminium Extrusion takes advantage of properties such as malleability, machinability, strength, lightweight, strength and stability in aluminium to create profiles that are highly durable, heat-resistant, anti-corroding and recyclable with good electric conduction attributes. At FirstPart, our aluminium extrusion in China is set apart by the technique, quality, suitability, cost-effectiveness and superior finish.

Standard Aluminium Extrusion Services


First Part China Limited provides you with an exhaustive choice of industry-standard shapes and geometry for your aluminium extrusion needs. Our standard services include shapes ranging from solid flat bars, rectangular, aluminum molds for injection molding, round or square beams, angles and tubing. Most of our standard aluminium extrusion shapes come in both structural and architectural types, consisting of the most popular geometries for your immediate use and convenience.


Custom Aluminium Extrusion Services


As we believe that no 2 projects or customers are the same, First Part China Limited allows all of our customers to come in with their innovative ideas and designs that will work best for their project.

Our custom Aluminium extrusion services avails our customers to bring their designs to life and solid forms. By simply taking your custom shape and design with our expertise in professional aluminium services, we are able to bring products to life using your custom specifications.

The Aluminium Extrusion Process


Aluminium extrusion has been adopted for manufacturing over the years due to its ability to produce materials with excellent physical, chemical and functional properties.

The process begins with creating the shape of the die and then the formation of raw aluminium by using the die. The die is a profile that is utilized in forming the aluminium into the desired shape and geometry.

Next, the aluminium is pressed by a hydraulic ram. The shape is then formed and left to cool after which the extruded aluminium may be finished with a variety of services.

Customizations like pinning, creation of hollow sections or patterns may take place

Finishing services such as stretching, cutting, anodizing, assembling or painting may be applied depending on the purpose the extruded material is to serve.

Why you should try Aluminium Extrusions



Aluminium extrusions are suitable for use in many industries including building, construction, aircraft, automotive, kitchen utensils, medical and other speciality markets.



Aluminium is quite rugged, making it resilient and applicable for tough projects that require strength. Aluminium is also resistant to corrosion, rusting and other weather-related elements of spoilage


Thermodynamic properties

Aluminium extrusions boast of top tier thermodynamic properties and are tolerant of a wide range of temperatures


Electromagnetic properties and Conductivity

Aluminium has non-magnetic properties and is a good conductor of electricity.


Aluminium provides an opportunity for lightweight designs that are still very strong and suitable for industrial use.


Malleable and Ductile

Aluminium products are easy and manipulate and fabricate. They also require comparatively lesser machining efforts during machining.



Aluminium extrusions can be repeatedly recycled without risk of loss of integrity



Aluminium Extrusions can be made into a custom range of geometries and shape as desired and required for your project

Our Finishing Services


We purchase only the highest quality Raw Materials (Billet)

Consistent Production Quality Systems

High Strength Materials, Tight Mechanical

Specifications only achievable with the

right equipment, and Spectra’s got it!

Superior Surface Finish

Light Weight Sections

Prototype / Small Run Capacity

Broad Alloy Selection

What sets us apart?

We pride ourselves on the relationships we foster with our customers. Rest easy knowing your business is in good hands. Our large library of dies, state-of-the-art equipment, knowledge, experience , extensive inventory and excellent service make First Part become the reliable partner around the world.

First Part Aluminium Extrusion Services in China


For more than 5 years, First Part China Limited has continued to provide excellent aluminium extrusion services and built a reputation as one of China’s leading manufacturer of standard and custom aluminium extrusions. We constantly strive to deliver high quality products at the most competitive prices for our customers, offering flexibility and customization for all projects in order to ensure a functional and flawless extrusion project from start to finish.

The result of this is a bespoke and tailored output from dies manufactured to your standards and specifications. Our custom extrusions are excellent right from the go, helping our customers to convey functionality in every part of their design.