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CNC Machining has revolutionized the fabrication and production industry over the last couple of years. CNC Manufacturing process uses pre-programmed computer software to control the movement of factory equipment and machinery as well as the flow of the process.


CNC technology can be used alongside a wide range of factory tools and machinery including lathes, grinders, routers, and mills. With the advanced technology onboard, CNC machining services make complex 3-dimensional cutting jobs attainable in a number of commands, promoting efficiency, accuracy, and speed of extensive types of projects.

Advantages of CNC Machining

CNC Machining provides numerous benefits for product development, prototyping, and precision machining. Here are some of the reasons why CNC machining is one of the best production service available today:


  1. High accuracy and Repeatability

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) services are automated and boast of a high amount of accuracy that can be repeated and reproduced time and time again

  1. Quick turnaround

Get high quality machined parts in as quick as 24 hours after quotes

  1. Multi-Industry suitability

CNC machining services are available for use for a wide range of the industry including automotive, defenses, telecoms, robotics, industrial design and types of machinery, health care and more

  1. Scalable

Scale volumes from one to 1000 without expending extra costs or compromising on quality

  1. Economical

Avail yourself of affordable fabrication and machining services without having to break the bank on your next project.

CNC Processes

CNC Machining for Production Parts

First Part provides industry-standard CNC Machining services deployable a diverse category of work with an assortment of plastic and metal material options. Whether you’re designing parts that demand high volumes or only running trials with prototypes for low-volume production, our CNC machining services are available to avail you iterative development with quick turnaround and consistency in quality.


CNC Turning and CNC Milling 

At First Part, we offer two types of comprehensive CNC machining processes – CNC Turning and CNC Milling. Both of these processes are designed to achieve specific aims in manufacturing from jigs and fixtures to parts with cylindrical properties, holes, slots and grooves.


CNC Turning

The CNC turning process allows for the generation of internal bored and features with complex external geometries. In CNC turning, bars of materials are held in a chuck and rotated while a cutting tool is held against the stock to remove material and create the shapes desired. This process is a subtraction machining process wherein tooling is attached and commanded to move the raw material while a metal rod is rotated to “subtract” some materials to attain the programmed result.

Our CNC turning process is highly optimized for the production of end-use production parts and customized models. With the aid of our CNC Lathe and live tooling additions, we achieve the machining of features such as grooves, flats, radial holes, axial and slots in as fast as 24 hours. Other CNC turning applications are for end-use parts, prototype production and parts that have cylindrical features.


CNC Milling

CNC milling is the most common form of CNC machining, employed for high-quality drilling and cutting in order to achieve functional prototypes and end-use production parts.

During this process, a cutting tool is used at a high speed to remove undesired materials from the raw material to achieve the programmed design. The CNC milling process uses a rotating cylindrical cut tool that moves along multiple axis, enhancing its capacity and practicality for creating an array of holes, slots, and shapes.

At First Part, our CNC milling process can be availed to produce jigs and fixtures, complex parts, surface finishes, and 3D shapes in as fast as 24 hours. We have both 3-axis and 5-axis CNC milling capacities, available to produce parts from a variety of metal and plastic materials for common applications.

Choose from many material options

As First Part, we strive to source and utilize the best-suited materials for each CNC machining process. We provide you with multiple options of engineering-standard metal and plastic materials to fit whatever industry your project is fit for machining.

Some of our high-quality options include Stainless steel, copper, magnesium, aluminum, brass, and plastics like ABS and Polycarbonate nylons.

CNC Finishes

Superior one-stop services

At First Part, all-out products and prototypes are designed with superior and high-quality finishes that guarantee suitability for a wide array of cosmetic processes. First Part after treatment ensures that each product is made to be rust-protected and withstand tough physical and chemical uses. Applying proper finishing and superior after treatment is very essential to completing any manufacturing process. As reputed finish experts, we can offer you a wide variety of options that can truly emphasize and amplify the beauty, strength, and success of your design.

We have an extensive list of finishes and after treatment services that we can offer your products.

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