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What Aerospace Parts Can Firstpart Make?

First Part can make components for interior, exterior, and mechanical applications in aircraft and defense systems. Some of our solutions for aerospace and defense systems include:

































What Technologies Do You Use To Make Aerospace & Defense Parts?



   ·Sensors, Sonar and Radar systems

   ·Aircraft cabin components

   ·Interior fittings and cosmetic surfaces

   ·Dashboard, Cockpit, and Control panel components

   ·Enclosures and housings

   ·Custom fixtures and jigs

   ·Lighting and optical parts

What Players Do You Serve?

The aerospace and defense industry is vast. There are many players in the value chain. Over the years, we have successfully collaborated with players in the following categories:

At Firstpart, we understand the challenges and risks associated with building and optimizing performance aircraft. From purely aesthetic to functional components, we have designed our aerospace and defense manufacturing services to maintain a low weight, improve performance, and boost fuel efficiency. We use CNC machine services to make tight tolerance parts with excellent dimensional accuracy and tight tolerances. At the same time, our 3D printing versatility can be employed for rapid prototyping, design validation, and smaller-size design iterations.


Our engineering experience in the aerospace industry has attracted a partnership with component manufacturers, aircraft design studios, and performance engineers from low-volume production to large-size one-off production runs. Collectively, we continue to explore innovative approaches for mitigating the ever-existent flight risks, improve flight experience, and customer satisfaction. To see how we can help your aerospace and defense businesses, click here to get in touch with our team now!

· Safety Prioritized

First Part prioritizes safety in our aerospace manufacturing, ensuring that all components are safe and ideal for use in flight conditions. From rocket components to airplanes, jets, and other aircraft, we go the extra mile in ensuring that safety takes the lead from material selection down to surface finishing.

· Rapid prototyping

With the speed of our additive manufacturing services, Firstpart can collaborate with clients to take design drawings and CAD files to physical prototypes and iterations for design validation and concept testing in as fast as 24 hours, all at affordable prices and unbeatable quality.

· Material Quality

Choose from aerospace-grade aluminum, Inconel, titanium, and nickel alloys for making lightweight, high strength, and high precision parts that are well suited for the rigors of space shuttle, aerodynamics, and air travels.

· Custom Components

Rapid prototyping and on-demand production of vintage parts, custom tooling, jigs, and fixtures all tailored to meet the needs of your flight, airplanes, and even customer luxury interiors.

Build High Performance, Fuel-efficient, and Reliable Aircrafts

Rapid prototyping, Design Validation & Low-volume parts

Aluminum, Titanium & Stainless Steel Parts

Why Firstpart for Aerospace and Defense Part Manufacturing?


· Instant Quoting

First Part has an instant quoting engine that allows all our clients to obtain free design-for-manufacturability analysis and price quote in a few hours. With dedicated support for your team and project, our instant quoting helps to shorten leadtimes by accelerating to prototype discussions right away.

· Low-volume Production

We offer low-volume and batch production to help our clients and aerospace value players design, test, and scrutinize parts before advancing to pilot testing and final production that involve high financing. Our low-volume production can make 1 to 1000 parts for functional evaluation, quick deployment, and rapid market entry preceding mass production.

· Quicker Leadtimes

Get to the market faster with on-demand production services for aerospace components. Our rapid prototyping solutions also enable you to design, validate, and get physical iterations ready for testing in 24 hours.

· Quality and Standards

Reap the benefits of our robust quality systems, ISO 9001:2015, AS9100 certification, and precision measuring components to get only the best parts for your equipment. 

   ·Chassis and part enclosures, manifolds, and ducts

   ·Ergonomic seat components

   ·Release levers, bezels, handles, and brackets

   ·High-impact seat belt systems

   ·Doors and hatches

   ·Rocket and satellite components

   ·Engine and transmission components

   ·Aircraft wings, blades, fans, and turbines

   ·Fuel pumps, gauges, flow components

   ·Fuselages, wiring harnesses, and electrical systems

   ·Defense systems, shields, and missile components

   ·Spare and custom parts


   ·Aircraft manufacturers

   ·OEM replacement part manufacturers

   ·Assembly plants

   ·Regulatory agencies

   ·Rocket and satellite production companies

   ·Avionic companies

   ·Robotic component manufacturers

   ·Radar and detection specialists

   ·Defense system engineers

   ·Military bodies and National governments

What Materials Are Available For Aerospace & Defense?


· Titanium

Over the years, we have successfully machined aerospace and defense components that use the high strength, corrosion-resistance, and durability of titanium to make high-performance parts. At Firstpart, we can machine titanium to make aircraft bodies, armor, defense systems, frames, and other components that call for high performance. 

· Aluminum

We can machine, cast, and print aluminum components to improve fuel efficiency, deliver strength, and lower aircraft weight. Our finishing services can also transform aerospace-grade aluminum into any desired appearance, making it suitable for interior and exterior uses. Aluminum is affordable, easily machined, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant.

· Steel

Stainless steel is used in aircraft for applications that demand high performance, mechanical resilience, and durability. It is corrosion-resistant and can easily be machined to make high-precision parts and aerospace components. Firstpart also machines Inconel, a superalloy, for high mechanical and high-temperature applications like engine and transmission parts.

· Thermoplastic and Elastomers

First Part uses thermoplastics like ABS, Nylon, PLA, PP, PTFE, Delrin, PC, and more to make lightweight that can stand repeated uses, high temperature, impact, and cosmetic wear to make interior and fitting components. We also use silicone rubber to make lens, lighting, engine, and transmission components because of their mechanical strength and functional performance.

· Other

Other metal alloys like nickel, brass, and cobalt-chrome are used properties like electrical resistance, machinability, low thermal expansion, and stability in high-performance environments. These alloys are very suitable for applications that need high accuracy and tight tolerances.

· CNC Machining

First Part use 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC machines to carry out turning and milling operations that make aerospace parts with complex geometries, tight tolerances, and excellent finishes.


· Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Sheet metal forming is popular for processing aluminum, steel, and titanium sheets into prototypes and precision parts that work in direct applications. Our sheet metal services can make aircraft wings, blades, rotors, and other lightweight, high-strength components.


· Injection Molding

Injection molding is suitable for making thermoplastic materials into high volumes of interior components and high-performance parts for mechanical, cosmetic, and functional solutions in aircraft and defense systems.


· 3D Printing

Sheet metal forming is popular for processing aluminum, steel, and titanium sheets into prototypes and precision parts that work in direct applications. Our sheet metal services can make aircraft wings, blades, rotors, and other lightweight, high-strength components.


· Polyurethane Casting

Polyurethane casting serves small production, and quick prototyping of aircraft components for quick testing and pilot runs in production-grade materials. Polyurethane casting is very affordable, with low tooling costs and excellent surface finish.


· Die Casting

Die casting is suitable for the mass production of metal parts like aluminum, zinc, steel, and more. Firstpart die casting services can achieve complex geometries, tight tolerances, thin walls, and excellent dimensional accuracy. Castings for aerospace can also be finished in a wide array of surface textures.


· Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum extrusion is a production process used to produce aluminum parts by forcing semi-molten aluminum through a shaped opening in a die using hydraulic pressure. The result is an elongated aluminum part with a profile similar to that of the mold.


What Finishing Options Are Available To Finish My Parts?



Zinc Plated/ Galvanization

Zinc plating or Galvanization applies a protective zinc coating to iron or steel materials. This is the most common type of coating. It is also the most cost-effective method to prevent rusting.


Nickel Plating/ Electroless

Nickel plating The Nickel-plating technique involves the addition of a nickel coat to a plastic or metal by using either an electrolytic method or auto-catalytic chemical technique.


Chrome Plating

Chrome plating is a specialized technique of plating that electroplates a thin layer of chromium onto a metal object. The electroplated chromed layer can serve decorative purposes or provide other functional value such as increased corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning and surface hardness.


Tin Plated 

Tin-plating can be applied to a wide array of base metals. From steel to iron and copper, many metals can be coated with a thin layer of tin. Tin-plating enhances the appearance of these materials and promotes their suitability for certain applications. This process can also deliver an improvement in performance and durability.


Copper plating

Copper plating is generally employed as a primer prior to the application of other metal plating. Copper is a good conductive material; copper plating will also improve the appearance of the later plating when applied as a primer.


Silver Plating

Silver has good heat and electrical conductivity. It also boasts of a laudable reflector capacity. Silver plating is a great type of plating generally suitable for components that are to be used in the manufacturing industries such as electrical, lighting appliances and other instruments.


To learn more about our finishing services and custom options, please click here to go to our finishing services page.


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