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 Plastic Injection Molding | First Part

Rapid Prototyping and On-demand Manufacturing


First Part specializes in the use of rapid prototyping and On-demand manufacturing techniques to produce high-end plastic injection molded parts and mold tools. Our plastic injection molding process is capable of making custom prototypes and end-use parts in as quick as 7 days. At First Part, cost-efficiency is optimized by using aluminum mold tooling that can reproduce thousands of parts and accelerate your product development cycle. 


We stock over 100 plastic resin materials to choose from and complement molded part with an array of finishes. To get started, Click here to upload your project design information and receive an instant quote.

What Is Plactic Injection Molding?


Plastic injection molding is the most widely-used manufacturing technique for the production of mass units of plastic parts that serve industrial and commercial purposes. Plastic injection molding also has the highest range of materials, color, and configuration when put side-by-side with processes like CNC machining or Additive manufacturing.


The process essentially involves the injection of molten plastic material (resin) under high pressure into the cavity of a metal die before cooling the mold to solidify the shape into its final part. Depending on the part size, material, and design complexity, the injection molding cycle may span anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes. 


In First Part China Limited, we can handle the plastic injection molding rapid tooling for both high-volume and low-quantity parts production. Using the technical maturity to produce high quality custom plastic molded parts for defense, automotive, medical, aerospace and consumer products.